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TKK´s NM resultater høst 2022

1 – 1.plass
1 – 3.plass
2 – Hederlig omtale
31 Antatte

NM høst 2022 Digital farge – Fritt motiv

1.plass: Arne Aronsen -Valmuer

Juryens  kommentar: Masterful use of depth of field. Focus areas bring up subjects in a very deliberated way. Complementary colours are spot on and composition is excellent. The fiery overall look is full of energy.

Antatt: Gunnar Haug – Torget i Krakow

Antatt :Kari Gunn Mathisen Tveito – Villkatt

Antatt May Britt Sørensen – Kitty Cat

Antatt: Arne Aronsen – Jerpe

Antatt: Arne Aronsen – Lammegribb

Antatt: Kari Elisabeth Espeland – Blue planet

Antatt: Erik Tandberg – Karla met the wall

Antatt: Jorun Fjellanger – Rød båt

Antatt: Jorun Fjellanger – Tåke

Antatt: Jorun Fjellanger – Spiral


NM høst 2022 Digital monokrom: Fritt motiv

Antatt: Gunnar Haug – Beat your shadow

Antatt: Gunnar Haug – Krakow Cloth Hall

Antatt: Kari Gunn Mathisen Tveito – Lost

Antatt: Hans Ertzeid Mathisen – Mother and son

Antatt: Hans Ertzeid Mathisen – Einstein in Sarajevo

Antatt: Arne Aronsen – King in Snow

NM høst 2022 Fargepapir : Fritt motiv A4

Antatt: Kari Elisabeth Espeland – New kids on the block

NM høst 2022 Papir Monokrom: Fritt motiv

3.plass Kari Elisabeth Espeland – Laste glimpse of sun

Juryens kommentar: Rhythm and contrast are on excellent display. Diagonals play together perfectly and the placement of the person forms an immaculate contradiction of contrast against the background. The ascetic concrete structure and the presence of a human leave a lot of room for any possible story.

Antatt: Artur Pardo – Why not!

Antatt: Jorun Fjellanger -Oktobertåke

Antatt: Erik Tandberg – Melody

NM høst 2022: Digital Natur

Hederlig omtale: Geetha Rasalingam – Pure beauties

Hederlig omtale: Arne Aronsen – Night heron

Antatt: Dag Omland – Garden of Eden

Antatt: Gunnar Haug – Silandfamilien

Antatt: Geetha Rasalingam – Hvem er sterkest

Antatt: Geetha Rasalingam – Fiskeørn

Antatt :Arne Aronsen – Up from the water

NM HØST 2022 Digital –

Dokument / fotojournalistikk

Antatt: Arne Aronsen – På tokt i isen

Antatt: May Britt Sørensen – Beregning

Antatt: May Britt Sørensen – Glassblower

Antatt: Gunnar Haug – Fjellreven på Svalbard

Antatt: Gunnar Haug – Storkobbeungen

Antatt: Artur Pardo – In transit

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